Getting Into Textile Design

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Getting Into Textile Design

Others see a soft ball of wool. You on the other hand, see a medium-sized merino yarn that when knitted into a herringbone pattern, becomes a blazer that’s an instant wardrobe classic!

If you are drawn to the possibilities of planning and developing patterned surfaces for curtains, blinds, haberdashery or textiles, this article is your key to unlocking the door to the alluring world of textile design.

Were You Born to Be A Textile Designer?

There are a number of must-have qualities to being a successful textile designer. Your job is to develop fabric designs for everyday use in manufacturing so you need to be able to creatively convert ideas into a useable product. This, of course, means you enjoy expressing yourself artistically including an excellent grasp of drawing and concepts.

Much more than naming colours, a successful textile designer appreciates and plays colours off one another for effect. A healthy interest in patterns and surface decoration is essential if you’re to be developing fabric designs.

And as you’d be collaborating with other designers on current and future colour trends, or heading a team for a new textile going into production, excellent communication skills and an open mind to problem-solving are also essential.

What Textile Design Courses Can You Take?

Textile designers usually require a Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualification. There are other avenues though, for example, via a qualification in design studies.

If you intend to opt for a university-led course in fabric designs, you would need to produce a folio of your work, sit an interview and show an assumed knowledge in one or more of English and visual arts.

In WA, a Certificate IV in Visual Arts is available through a number of institutions. The Good Universities Guide has further course information.

Courses exist all over Australia. Imagine landing right in the heart of Melbourne, Australia’s fashion capital, to study under the watchful eye of the experts at the Design Institute of Australia. From the detailed theory of textile history, illustration, presentation and business management, to practical work in clothing companies and design consultancies, you’d be stepping out confidently into the world of fabric design.

Where Can You Work?

Which leads us to where a textile design qualification takes you. Look around you! From wallpaper to car upholstery to the chair you now sit on, they all came from the imagination of a textile designer. Just some areas where textile designers make their names are:

• Clothing companies
• Textile manufacturers
• Design consultancies
• Fabric wholesalers and importers
• Automotive upholstery designers
• Colour forecasters

So if you’re the one who deconstructs a chair’s textile design before taking a seat, start putting that designers mind to great use through a career in textile design. If you need to get the creative juices flowing, or you want to add to your folio for upcoming interviews, Homecraft Textiles has the in-house textile design know-how to assist you. You’ll find the biggest supply of textiles in Perth at our Victoria Park store or via our online shop.

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