Hamptons Curtains

Get the Hamptons look
Double Track Hamptons Curtains

Starting from $950 Fully Installed

  • Double curtain track black
  • 2 X Turkish Textured Sheers
  • 2 X Linen Look Blockout
  • Full-length curtains
  • Standard size window 1.5M wide
  • Cord operated curtains


Want the Hamptons look?

The Hamptons look is this modern, simple, light, bright and whitewashed yet elegant and sophisticated interior design style between a country and beachy home feel. It comes across as a very minimalistic and yet calming resort-style interior feel. It originated from the Hamptons in America, with an inspiration of French Country interior design style from Baroque and Empire.

A Hamptons style curtain is one that will allow the natural light in, make the room feel more spacious and add a nautical vibe to your house. Homecraft textile has an exclusive range of linen look curtain fabrics and textures sheers that will give you’re the perfect Hamptons style curtains. We are you one-stop-shop in Perth with the widest range of Hamptons style curtains and curtain accessories to create the perfect curtain for your home.

Hamptons Interior Décor Colours

What you will normally see in a Hamptons style home is lots of neutrals brown and grey tones. Warm neutrals curtains also give your home the impression of being more spacious and allows you to have more popping accent colours with your furniture and decoration.

From coastal blues to stripy black, you can mix and match your block out curtains and sheers to create various feature curtain for different rooms. Our in-house curtains consultants will be more than happy to help you pick and choose the right fabric to bring your vision to reality.


Picking you Hamptons curtains is as easy as 1, 2 & 3. Most Hampton styles curtains are double-track curtains only because it will give you’re the option of having natural light during the day and the needed privacy at night.

Choose your Fabric

We have a selection of natural linen look curtain fabrics ideal for your Hamptons-style home. Available in a range of neutral colours and cool greys they will create a resort-style look and feel to your home. Our range of fabric is made exclusively for Homecraft Textiles and handcrafted in Turkey. The craftmanship gives the fabric its added texture and natural look and feel.

You can also compliment the blockout with a textured sheer. We have a selection of cotton textures sheers from Turkey that will let the light in while adding some mood to the room.

Cord Operated Curtains

We always propose a cord operated curtain track to our clients. A cord operated curtain track is not only beautiful and sophisticated, it extends the lifetime of your curtain. It prevents you from touching and wearing down the fabric by pulling it and keeps your fabric clean.

We can also offer motorized curtains available. This is ideal for high ceilings and gives you an effortless remote curtain control, ideal for those who don’t like to get out of bed in the morning.

Choose your curtain track

Hamptons style curtains will often be complemented by a black track. Most of the time for convenience and added privacy. Most interior designer will suggest a double track. We have a selection of single and double black track that will suit your taste. From minimalistic tracks to a more embellished curtain brackets and finials romantic French style.

We have a selection of black, white, gold and silver tracks that will suit your décor style. Come to our showrooms to explore the range of fabrics and tracks. There are endless possibilities, our curtain consultants will be happy to help you choose.

Choose the right pleat for your curtains

The most common header style is a pinch pleat for your Hamptons curtain. For a classic look, you can choose the triple pinch pleat and for a more modern and minimalistic look, you can choose a double pinch pleat. For a more natural and informal look, you can choose the pencil pleat.




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