When it comes to admiring your home, nothing is more rewarding than knowing you DIY-ed a handful of its decor yourself. As the winter season begins to roll in and the pace begins to slow down a bit, DIY home decoration projects can be a new way to pass the time. As such, we’ve rounded up a few quick and painless DIYs to get you going:

Tassel Garland

As one of the easiest decorative DIYs, this tassel garland will be sure to impress. Simply wrap yarn around a rectangular item (such as a book) around 10-15 times and tie a double knot on the side. On the opposite side, use a pair of scissors to cut through the binding to form a tassel-like structure. Gather two of the loose tendrils and fasten them on a piece of string. Repeat the steps and alternate the colours of yarn to end up with a beautiful and colourful homemade garland.

Reupholstered Dining Chairs

Wanting to give your furniture a do-over? Thankfully, DIY-ing new upholstery isn’t an impossible feat. In fact, it’s less daunting than it looks. Start with removing the seat from the chair, using pliers to remove the staples in the process. Once this is done, it’s essential to cut the appropriate amount of batting to match both the size and shape of the seat. Next, trim your desired fabric – either leftover or from a fabric supplier – so that it overhangs the perimeter of the seat. Simply fold over the edges and staple it down to trap the batting!

Metallic Vases

All you need is a neglected old vase and a can of metallic spray paint of your choosing. Whether you opt for gold, silver or rose gold, these metallic shades are sure to catch your eye. Breathe life into your old vases by spray painting them, letting them dry, and then displaying them with complementary flowers to match. Now that’s a centrepiece!


Cosy up those coffee tables with some DIY fabric coasters, made from any fabric that would otherwise be left sitting around. For each coaster, combine two equally sized squares of fabric and iron over them. This will keep them in place for the time being. Thereon, depending on your sewing capabilities, you can choose to either use a sewing machine or hot glue gun to seal the edges.

Memo Board

This DIY is both practical and decorative, and especially handy if you have fabric lying around. What you will need is a large photo frame (which can be readily retrieved from the op-shop), as well as some pretty fabric of your choice. Simply remove the photo frame casing and insert the fabric (cut to size) to create your own little memo or vision board. All that’s left to do is hang up souvenirs, important notes, polaroids, photos or other keepsakes.

In Need of Fabric Supplies?

For those who’d like to experiment more with home decor DIYs involving wool, upholstery fabric, or other textiles, browse our wide selection at Homecraft Textiles! As one of Australia’s prized fabric suppliers, we have everything you need online and in-store to get you cracking on these DIYs.

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