The beautify of being able to sew is that you can make your own customised gifts for Valentine’s Day. Here is a quick Valentines Day Idea for you, which you can make using our 100% Mulberry Silk Satin!

Silk pillowcase can help improve your skin overnight as it smooths texture equates to less friction on skin and hair, preventing irritation or damage. Mulberry silk is very gentle on the skin. More comfortably compared to other fabric, and it has properties that prevent your skin and hair from drying. By keeping your skin hydrated at night, you can help reduce the signs of ageing.

• Measure along the width and length of an existing pillowcase you would like to replicate. (A standard pillowcase is 48cm wide by 67cm long)

• Add 2cm inseam allowance to the width measurement, giving you a total of 50cm wide and 69 cm long.

• Add an extra 15 cm (Including seam) to the lengthwise measurement for one side of the pillow totalling 50cm wide and 84cm long. Now you should have two pieces of fabrics, one of which is 15 cm longer than the other.

The reason why a longer seam allowance is needed for the length is due to the fact that the pillowcase is folded and stitched to create the illusion of a wideband along with the opening.

• Cut your silk fabric. One piece should now be longer than the other.

• Sew the two pieces together, making sure the right sides facing each other with the fold on the outside. Sew along the dotted lines, which are one centimetre in from the edge—making sure to catch the fold in the seam. You must leave the fourth side undone; this is where the pillow will go. Sew along the edge, making sure to catch the fold in the seam.

• Turn the pillowcase inside out, and the seams will be hidden inside. This is your finished product.

Put Embroidery (Optional)
This part is entirely optional, but if you want to give your silk pillowcase some added flare then, by all means, add some embroidery designs. You can do your initials.

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