$16.99 $13.59/metre

Content: Cotton or Cotton/Elastane
Width: 150CM

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Denim is a strong cotton fabric made using a twill weave, which creates a subtle diagonal ribbing pattern. Denim first gained popularity in the mid 19th century when it was used for work wear, particularly denim jeans.

Today Denim is a fashion staple, with Denim Fabric used for a large variety of clothing.

We stock an extensive range of quality denim, from light weight denim ideal for summer shirts and dresses to medium and heavy weight denim suitable for dungarees, overalls, trousers, skirts, jackets, shorts and off course jeans.

For added comfort we also stock a selection of Stretch Denim Fabric.

Our range also covers evening and cocktail wear with both lurex and glimmer denim fabric available, exclusive to Homecraft Textiles.


Design-01 Light Grey Medium Weight Stretch, Design-02 Mid Grey Medium Wight Stretch, Design-03 Dark Grey Light Weight Stretch, Design-04 Black Heavy Weight, Design-05 Black Heavy Weight, Design-06 Dark Navy Heavy Weight, Design-07 Black Green Medium Wight Stretch, Design-08 Black Heavy Weight, Design-09 Dark Navy Heavy Weight, Design-10 Dark Navy Heavy Weight, Design-11 Dark Navy Heavy Weight, Design-12 Blue Black Heavy Weight, Design-13 Dark Navy Medium Weight, Design-14 Dusty Pink Medium Weight Stretch, Design-15 Gold Heavy Weight, Design-16 Pale Blue Heavy Weight, Design-17 Striped Blue Medium Weight, Design-18 Kahki Heavy Weight, Design-19 Slate Grey Light Weight Stretch, Design-20 Tan Medium Weight Stretch, Design-21 Milk Chocoleat Medium Weight Stretch, Design-22 Blue Medium Weight, Design-23 Dark Navy Medium Weight, Design-24 Midnight Blue Heavy Weight, Design-25 Black/Gold Heavy Weight, Design-26 Dark Navy Medium Weight, Design-27 Dark Navy Light Weight Stretch, Design-28 Dark Navy Medium Weight, Design-29 Dark Navy Light Wight, Design-30 Dark Navy Light Weight, Design-31 Dark Navy Medium Weight Stretch, Design-32 Dark Navy Meidum Weight, Design-33 Dark Navy Heavy Weight

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