Fat Quarters

Fat Quarters


Content: 100% Cotton
Size – 50cm x 50cm

100% Cotton Fat Quarters. Solid Colours. Ideal for quilting and craft projects.


Design-7552, Design-7553, Design-7554, Design-7555, Design-7556, Design-7557, Design-7558, Design-7559, Design-7560, Design-7561, Design-7562, Design-7563, Design-7564, Design-7565, Design-7566, Design-7567, Design-7568, Design-7569, Design-7570, Design-7571, Design-7572, Design-7573, Design-7574, Design-7575, Design-7576, Design-7577, Design-7578, Design-7579, Design-7580, Design-7581, Design-7582, Design-7583, Design-7584, Design-7585, Design-7586, Design-7587, Design-7588, Design-7589

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