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Handy Quilting Set

  • Decorative Numbered Pins 1-10 & 11-20 RRP 19.95 each
    • Easy to handle flat heads
    • Two sided reusable plastic storage box
    • 100pcs
    • 43mm
    • Water soluble
    • Perfect solution for organising quilt blocks, rows and coloumns
    • High quality
  • Quilters T-Square Ruler RRP 7.49
    • Centimetres and inches
    • Design and draw templates for quilting
    • Use slots to mark seam allowances
    • Measure and mark parallel lines for quilting
  • Quilting Thread RRP 29.95
    • 500m x 10 Colours
    • Ideal for patchwork
    • 100% Spun cotton
    • Assorted colours
  • Quilters Roll Clips RRP 6.95
    • Smooth plastic – will not snag
    • Retains tension
    • Works on any size quilt or wall hanging
    • For best results use two roll clips on each side
    • Keep large pieces of work manageable by unrolling only what you currently want to use

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Stock code: QUILT.SET – ER680.A , ER680.B, ER185, ET10, ER896

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