Triple Weave Dim-Out Fabric


Triple Weave Dim-Out Fabric


Width: 300 cm
Content: 100% Polyester
Blackout/Dim-out Woven
100% (FR) Fire Retardant Fabric

Dim-Out Curtains

Triple Weave Dim Out Fabric is a 300cm wide width blackout curtain fabric. As opposed to traditional white blockout fabric – Triple Weave Fabric can be used as a standalone curtain fabric with no need for additional lining. Blackout fibres are woven into the fabric providing significant dim-out properties without the need to line the fabric with a coated blockout.

A “dimout”” or triple weave falls somewhere between 2 and 3 pass. So it is important to know that most of them are not total blockouts, but can achieve up to 95% blockout in some cases. Darker colours provide more blockout than lighter colours with triple weaves.

One of the major benefits of triple weaves is they don’t perish over time in the sun; remember the old rubber backed linings that started to peel or crack over time? Triple weaves drape beautifully and maintain their softness indefinitely.

Table Cloths

Being a 300cm Wide Width Fabric with a good weight and crease resistance – Triple Weave Fabric is ideal for wide width table cloths (particularly circle table cloths). No join’s required and launders very well!

Fire Retardant Fabric

Triple Weave fabric is a 100% fire retardant fabric and suitable for the contract market because 100% fire-retardant yarns have been used. The dim out curtain fabrics meet the most stringent Australian standards for public buildings and are suitable for residential and commercial use.


Col 01 White, Col 02 Black, Col 02 Earth (Extreme), Col 03 Alabaster, Col 04 Latte, Col 04 Sand (Extreme), Col 05 Truffle, Col 05 Whisper (Extreme), Col 06 Birch (Extreme), Col 06 Eggshell, Col 07 Biscuit (Extreme), Col 07 Charcoal, Col 08 Caramel (Extreme), Col 08 Putty, Col 09 Macaroon (Extreme), Col 09 Rock, Col 10 Smoke, Col 11 Steel, Col 15 Navy (Extreme), Col 16 Olive (Extreme), Col 18 Lime (Extreme), Col 19 Sun (Extreme), Col 20 Terracotta (Extreme), Col 21 Poppy (Extreme), Col 23 Burgundy (Extreme), Col 24 Blossom (Extreme)

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