What to Do with Scraps of Fabric

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What to Do with Scraps of Fabric

You were excited when you bought the fabric and the resulting creation was everything you’d hoped it would be… but wait! Why throw out those curtain fabric scraps and upholstery fabric leftovers when they have another life to live if you just let your imagination run wild?

The practical ideas for using curtain fabric scraps are endless, from cool bespoke security lanyards, funky buttoned keyrings and personalised goody bags for party guests. In fact, to some of us, things like upholstery fabric leftovers are as valuable as the original skein of fabric.

So today, Homecraft textiles are closing the loop on fabric waste with some playful and practical remnant ideas.

Fabulous Fabric Scraps

How about some colourful magnets on your fridge or office white board? All it takes is some fabric off-cuts, some strong glue, round medium-sized magnets, a button kit, a needle, thread and a marker pen.

If you have kids who are learning their alphabet or to count, try making some really appealing mini bean bags with a number on one side and a letter on the other. They’re the fun way to learn and they feel fantastic.

Or how about designing your own book of colour for the littlies. Just gather all of your off-cuts into similar colours, stick each colour range to a material backing and tie together with a ribbon.

Save The Planet… And Your Phone

In a country where most of us can’t imagine living without our mobile phones, we manage to shatter quite a few screens along the way. So, let your fabric scraps save the day in the form of an attractive phone wallet.

You need:

  • a piece of leftover fabric;
  • some fusible fleece; and,
  • a keychain clasp.

The How To:

Cut your fabric twice as wide and long as your phone with an additional 2-3 inches in both directions.

Iron the fusible fleece (the same size as your fabric) onto the back of the fabric.

Fold your fabric in half lengthwise, with the fleece outside, and stitch across one of the short sides and down the long side. Turn the wallet right-side out and iron it flat.

Fold the bottom of the wallet up once and put your phone in the fold. Once you’ve decided how deep you want your phone to sit, cut off the excess. Fold this unsewn edge under and stitch it closed.

Fold the newly sewn edge at the point that allows your mobile to sit comfortably in the pocket and sew up each side.

The little strap is just a 4 inches by 2 inches piece of fabric, folded in half, inside-out, with the right sides together and sewn down the long side. Turn it right-side out and iron it. Insert your clasp in the strap and fold the strap in half. Secure it in several places on the back of your wallet with stitching.

Have you guessed yet that all of us at Homecraft Textiles love using curtain fabric scraps and upholstery fabric leftovers? For even more ingenious ideas, and the biggest supply of textiles in Perth, visit us today at Homecraft Textiles, Victoria Park or via our online shop.

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